World of Wires

Presented at The Kitchen (NYC), Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston (September 2012), Festival d’Automne Paris (Maison des Arts), Lieu Unique Nantes, and Le Manege, Maubeuge Mons, France (November 2012)

Adaptation of  film Welt am Draht

by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, based on Simulacron-3 dnovel by Daniel F. Galouye

Adaptation and Direction, Jay Scheib

Scenography, Sara Brown

Costumes, Alba Clemente

Sound, Anouschka Trocker

Light and video, Josh Higgason

Caméra, Jay Scheib

Assistant Director, Kasper Sejersen and Laine Rettmer

Stage Manager, Susan Wilson

With Sarita Choudhury, Mikéah Ernest Jennings, Rosalie Lowe, Jon Morris, Ayesha Ngaujah, Laine Rettmer et Tanya Selvaratnam 

World opened with one of the most thrillingly witty displays of illusion I’ve even seen on a stage or a screen — a genuine challenge to one’s fixed notion of reality — and then barreled through another 90 minutes of riveting near anarchy. I’m hereby sending a brain transmission out to some Off Broadway/nonprofit Morpheus: Please, reboot this soon.
— Scott Brown; New York Magazine