The Infinite Hotel

Produced: The Windmill Factory & Old Sound Room
Written and Directed: Michael McQuilken
Creative Direction: Jon Morris
Cinematography: Matthew Schroeder
Art Director & Props Master: Celina Arslanian
Musical Direction: Freddy Epstein
Lighting Design: Maruti Evans
Sound Design: Nicholas Pope
Video Design: Josh Higgason & Maxx Berkowitz
Costume Design: Oana Botez
Percussion Design: Eric Farber
Scenic Design Consultant: Maruti Evans
Steady Camera Operator: Kevin
Production Management: Clementine Seely with Ana Constantino
Acting Coach & Everything Man: Fisher Neal
Music & Lyrics: Amanda Palmer, Jason Webley, The Few Moments, and Firehorse
Select Songs Adapted From Material Written By:Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley for this production
Original Orchestration: Freddy Epstein (Musical Director) & Eric Farber & The Few Moments, Louis Schwadron
Cast: Leah Siegel, Austin Durant,Laura Gragtmans, Tommy Schrider, Daniel Reece, Jennifer Harrison Newman, Marianna Hoitt-Lange, Joe Trombino, Jon Morris, Deb Ervin
Associate Director: Anne Cecilia Haney
Illusionist Consultant: Vinny De Ponto
Stage Manager: Samantha Flint
Assistant Stage Manager: Stephanie Macchia
Ninjas of Scenography: Grace Mann, Isabel Sheehan, Spencer Lutvak, Henry Lombino
Photography: Will O’Hare
Prop Sponsor: Acme Studios

Special Thanks: Rob Granieri, Danny Seal, Steven Hoggett, Nick Fitzhugh, Kohl Norville, Acme Studios, Nomikai, Heaven Saki, Mana Contemporary, Here Arts Center, Irondale, Christine Jones, MIT, MFTA, Wuwa & Sruthi, Bruce McQuilken (producer), Meghan Leon (producer) and Poppy Gordon and Feral Productions