"Continuous City" is a large scale multimedia performance that toured internationally from 2008-2010. This is a video demo of the screens, originally edited for Tom Korder, TD at The Krannert Center, for a presentation at USITT 2009, where it won an exhibition award.

Conceived by: Marianne Weems, Director
James Gibbs, Dramaturg
Harry Sinclair, Writer
Sound Design & original music composition by Dan Dobson
Video Design by Peter Flaherty
Lighting by Jennifer Tipton
Scenic Concept and Design by James Gibbs, Stewart Laing, and Neal Wilkinson
Performed by:
Moe Angelos ... Deb
Rizwan Mirza ... J.V.
Caroline O'Neill/Olivia Timothee ... Sam
Harry Sinclair ... Mike
Produced by Claire Hallereau with The Builders Association
Neal Wilkinson, Production Manager
Joe Silovsky, Technical Design
Tom Korder, Technical Development
Josh Higgason, Touring Technical Director
Chantelle Norton, Costume Designer
Ed Purver, Video Associate
Austin Switser, Video Associate
Laura Mroczkowski, Lighting Associate
Katie Goodwin, Stage Manager & Company Manager
Video footage by:
Harry Sinclair (Mike and additional characters)
James Gibbs (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Tijuana)
Mathieu Borysevicz (Shanghai); Ed Purver (Toronto)
Deb's Blogs by Moe Angeles
Mirza Family Chats by Nabil Mirza, Rizwan Mirza and Ariba Sultan
Additional Design Concepts by dbox
Additional Dramaturgy by Jessica Chalmers
Consulting by Donna Cox and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications
XUBU Website Design and Development by Nick Reid and Ryan Shaw
Kim Whitener, Executive Producer