"Metric commissioned The Windmill Factory with the challenge of designing their 2015 opening stadium tour with Imagine Dragons.  The entire design had to roll on and roll off in under 10 minutes and be powerful enough to fill stadiums.  Partnering with Solotech Toronto we designed 5 mobile carts with 8 Ayrton Intellipix, 5 strobes, and 5 moving lights that could roll off the truck and onstage in minutes. Then we added a few TWF signature theatrical gestures; LED shades by Macetech, neon horse heads with LED Eyes, and Emily Haines superhero cape."

“Whoever has the most fun wins,” Emily Haines said, thanking the crowd during Metric’s unhindered, anthemic closer The Shade. “Remember that.”

“Electro-glam gold.” The Times


Metric: Emily Haines, Jimmy Shaw, Joshua Winstead, and Joules Scott-Key

Creative Director: Jon Morris
Technical Designer: Joshua Higgason
Lighting Designer: Ian Macdonal
Management: Crystal Math Music
Equipment Implementation/Rental: Solotech Toronto
Photography: by Lauren Graham
Video: Lauren Graham and Greg Liburd