Supernatural Wife (2010) Big Dance Theater's newest work Supernatural Wife is an adaptation of the Euripides’ play using Anne Carson’s spare, surprising, and accessible translation. The production will penetrate Euripides’ piercing exploration of death, grief and self-sacrifice via a free-wheeling mix of theater, music, dance and video, thriving on the interplay of genres and sudden shifts in mood to reveal the cellular life of Euripides play. The play is taken from the mythic tale of a King, who avoids death by arranging to send a surrogate to the world below in his stead. His wife volunteers. At its core Supernatural Wife is about big complex ideas: our desire to live, against the immutability of mortality; our desire to be autonomous in the face of our undeniable inter-connectedness; and the playful nature of theater against the innate tragedy of reality. Sourcing and re-thinking the pulsing, profound nature of dance and music in tragedy, the Chorus will restore dancing to its rightful place in Greek drama. 

Directed and Conceived by Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar
Choreography: Annie-B Parson and the Company

Set: Joanne Howard

Lights: Joe Levasseur

Sound: Jane Shaw
Video: Jeff Larson
Costumes: Oana Botez-Ban
Music: 'men' (2001) David Lang
Choral / Vocal music: Chris Giarmo
Additional Music: Brunk / Bert Vanden Berghe
Production Management: Aaron Rosenblum
Technical Director/ Video Engineer: Joshua Higgason
Project Producer: Estelle Woodward Arnal


Molly Hickok, Tymberly Canale, Chris Giarmo, Elizabeth DeMent, Aaron Mattocks, Pete Simpson


Tour: BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Jacob's Pillow, Theatre Nacional de Chaillot (Paris), Rennes, Nantes